Website Design & Development for SVAI Luxe Escapes

A travelling agency dedicated to give each client an enriching travel experience.

The Challenge

As a travel agency SVAI Luxe wanted a visually appealing website communicating the company dedication to providing an enriching travel experience and introducing their clients to the wonders of the world. The website was to serve clients who were looking for a tailor-made experience and those exploring available packages.

The Process

We started the project by understanding the client ideal final product and looking at various inspirations they had. This was followed by a brainstorming session to determine the look and feel of the website. Since this was a travel-based website, we explored pictures of various travel destinations and decided which fit well with the design aesthetic, once we had the website layout we proceeded to the development stage.

The Product

An appealing website serving a variety of clientele, showcasing company packages and pre-planned activities while allowing visitors to design their trips. We coupled the website with an easy-to-use admin dashboard to allow SVAI luxe to update information and keep up with the everchanging world of travel.