Welcome to Melajoy, we envision a world where everyone love, learn, and create, from our team, clients, and even prospects. We are a creative agency specializing in website & web apps design and development, graphics design, and social media marketing. If you want to know more about us feel free to browse our website and our work, the purpose of this blog is to introduce ourselves to you, as humans we are.

The best way to start is with our values: Love, Learn, Create. Because the best way to know about a person is to look at what they believe in.

Why do we believe in these three things? Let’s start with Love. We believe love is a verb and a state of being that we can achieve. Melajoy was started so that there could be a place where people work and experience love at the same time. But what do we love? Well, we first strive to be love ourselves but we love people, books, movies, music, and adventure. When we are not coding your website or strategizing your social media presence, you can find us in one of those things.

Our love for books shows in our value of Learn. We believe we can learn anything we choose to especially in this information era. We learn every day because our work demands us to be on top of trends but we learn because we love to. We also learn about our clients and their work. We believe to deliver the best work for you, we must understand you and your company. So we learn about your industry, your company, and how best to represent you online. For us learning is fun.

We can not be a creative agency without creating! But to us creating is our truest nature. We believe we are creators here on earth and there is power within us to change everything around us. So we do not limit our imagination or yours, it might take time but we can always create what we envision.

By now maybe we sound like nerds to you, but oh my! We are very diverse and we do know how to have fun while working smart. Do you want to know more about us? Reach out, the best way to know us better is to work with us.