About Us

Everybody wants to believe in something bigger, aim higher and make a meaningful impact. This is not a coincidence, there is more to who we are. We all believe we are here for a purpose and on that we are definitely right.

But for us to fulfil our purpose and realize our full potential we need to operate in our true nature. Yes, It is our BIGGER than life goal, we choose to believe in developing an environment and letting people choose what they want to do with it.

At Melajoy our Mission is to develop an environment where people Love, Learn and Create.
Where our truest nature can flourish without limitation and where everybody including you can realize their full potential.
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We're built around


Love is the ultimate Force, Power & Energy underlying everything good. It is both a verb and state of being. We are working everyday towards an environment where people are loved, love others, what they do and everything around them. Daily, we are embracing the fact that we are Love gotten from Love and it is our natural state of being.


Possibilities are limitless. With a learning mindset our abilities are limitless as well. From learning about love, our work or even life in general, we proactively seek opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding. We believe learning is the roadmap to the best version of ourselves.


In some way we are all creators, it is who we are. We aim to inspire each other to create optimally and meaningful, give ourselves a chance to explore our truest nature and create everything and anything in our imagination. We are excited to discover our next creation!